knife defence training

Group Training Courses for Dealing with Knife Attacks

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- Bloodiest year in London since 2008, with 154 killings recorded

- 44,000 knife crimes reported

course content

Simple and effective techniques Tried-and-tested tactics Working as a team or alone against a knife attacker Improvised weapons – what works and what doesn’t Post-incident management, including tactical First Aid EXTRA – if training on-location, specific tactics can be developed based on the layout of the site

who should attend

Businesses, organisations or groups who:

may be public-facing and vulnerable to attack want to empower their people in this specific area would like a team-oriented course that is a unique alternative to ‘team-building’ days

training outcomes

LEARN – key considerations for this specific threat

UNDERSTAND – the two essential tactical principles

DEVELOP – physical skills and the winning mind-set

FEEL – better prepared and clear on what actions to take

The New M.O. of Terror in London

In light of the difficulty in obtaining firearms in the UK, and the high risk of being caught in procuring ingredients for explosives, terrorists have taken to an incredibly effective and difficult-to-prevent modus operandi...

November 2019: Two people were stabbed to death when Usman Khan donned a fake suicide vest and launched an attack on London Bridge

June 2017: Eight people were murdered when three terrorists drove into pedestrians before stabbing people around Borough Market

March 2017: Five people died when Khalid Masood launched a knife attack on Westminster

May 2013: Pvt Lee Rigby was mowed down and stabbed by two terrorists

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